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Garth’s Story

A journey living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Sunday 16th June 2024


10.00am - 12.00pm


Town Hall



Garth is a 40 year CFA firefighter who tells his story right from the beginning, describing how he got PTSD and his journey along the way.

It is raw, emotional and a true story of one family’s experience living with this terrible disorder.

You will also get to hear from Garth’s wife Jane, who talks about what it’s like on the other side – living with someone who has PTSD.

Partners are encouraged to attend, as they may gain an insight into some of the signs to look out for.








Ararat Rural City Council
Garth and Jane Johnson
Country Fire Authority District 16 Headquarters

Country Fire Authority Wellbeing Team

Trigger Warning – 

PTSD and traumatic incidents will be discussed. Wellbeing officers will be available.


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