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Crazy Arms

A hilarious and toe-tapping history of Boogie-Woogie and Rock and Roll Piano songs!


Wednesday 18th October 2023


12.00pm - 1.10pm


Town Hall



Crazy Arms is a hilarious and entertaining live music
show, featuring blistering musical wizardry and
authentic vocals, that celebrates the origins of popular
piano playing from the birth of Boogie Woogie and
Ragtime in the late 1800’s through to the birth of Rock &
Roll in the 50’s.

Crazy Arms is award-winning, piano playin’, soul singin’, funnyman Damon Smith’s hot new live
show about the infectious and energetic stylings of Boogie Woogie and early Rock & Roll music.
With absurd, improvised humour, musical wizardry and incredible stories about the piano and its
players, Crazy Arms features virtuosic piano tinkering from some of the greatest musicians that
have ‘tickled the ivories’ throughout the ages. With a stunning and well-known playlist including the
music of Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Scott Joplin, Winnie Atwell, Dr John and more,
Crazy Arms is pure musical magic!
You’ll hear finger busting boogie-woogie music, authentic vocals and blistering rock and roll hits like
Great Balls Of Fire, Good Golly Miss Molly, and Blueberry Hill. This truly unique, comedy – cabaret
documentary, will blow your socks clean off your perpetually tapping feet. Bring your partner, your
parents, your music-learning teenager, or come with a group of friends – Crazy Arms will be a
memorable and hilarious night out for all.
“Multi-instrumentalist Damon Smith’s skill on the piano was almost outshone by the quirky but
entertaining comedic interludes that peppered this performance” ArtsHub
“Damon Smith on piano is a blues/boogie virtuoso” – Michael Coghlan, TheClothesLine.com

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